PQS English for Medicine

CEFR Grade PQS Level
B1 Grade 5-6
B2 Grade 7-8
C1 Grade 9-10
C2 Grade 11-12

The PQS English for Medicine Qualification is for those healthcare professionals or university students who wish to improve their English Language skills in a context relevant to their career.

For those working in a medical field, it is important to be highly accurate and clear in their communication but they also need to be able to show tact and sensitivity.

By the end of the course, you will have:

  • Studied the language of medicine in various contexts.
  • Learned to communicate effectively with patients and colleagues.
  • Increased your awareness of specialised terminology.
  • Analysed real case scenarios.
  • Learned how to deal with challenging situations.
  • Visited one of London’s excellent hospital museums.

The qualification focusses on:

Primarily on communicating with patients, but also with fellow medical professionals. Areas and skills covered include:

  • taking a medical history.
  • conducting physical examinations.
  • breaking bad news.
  • dealing with problematic patients.
  • effective patient handovers.
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