PQS English for Law

CEFR Grade PQS Level
B1 Grade 5-6
B2 Grade 7-8
C1 Grade 7-9
C2 Grade 10-12

The PQS English for Law is a Legal English course for newly qualified lawyers and law students. It covers a range of legal topics with a focus on contract drafting, legal case studies, negotiations and participation in meetings.

Candidates will develop the tools and gain the confidence they need to become an effective communicator in a legal context. They will also cover the general language skills to help them to interact confidently in a wide range of formal and informal situations.

Typically, course participants need to develop their oral and written skills to help them communicate complex legal ideas and concepts to partners, clients and colleagues in a variety of formal and less formal contexts including meetings, negotiations, and networking events.

Areas of focus include:

  • Spoken Fluency – case studies, legal process, negotiations.
  • Legal Vocabulary – relating to commercial law, contracts, describing legal concepts.
  • Grammar Development.
  • Listening Comprehension.
  • Communication Skills – Discussions, Negotiations, Conflict, Dealing with difficult situations.
  • Telephoning and Oral Communication.
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