Level 2 : Certificate in Supporting Teaching and Learning


The Level 2 Certificate in Supporting Teaching and Learning has been designed to provide learners with an understanding of the knowledge and skills needed when working directly with children and young people in school or college environments. It covers a wide range of areas including children and young people’s development, supporting children and young people’s positive behaviour and communication and professional relationships.

It’s aimed at learners working in roles that support pupils’ learning in primary, secondary or special schools, as well as colleges. This qualification is aimed at learners in placement / working in support roles within schools and colleges.

  • The qualification contains the following units:

  • ⦁ Understanding the Sector
  • ⦁ Understanding young people’s development
  • ⦁ Safeguarding Children and Young People
  • ⦁ Equality, Diversion and Inclusion
  • ⦁ Maintaining Relationships
  • ⦁ Supporting Health and Safety in the school and classroom
  • ⦁ Supporting Positive Behaviour
  • ⦁ Contributing to Teamwork
  • ⦁ Understanding Play and Leisure
  • ⦁ Promoting an effective Working Environment/Classroom Management
  • ⦁ Display/Acknowledge Learner Achievement


A recommended range of assessment methods has been identified, which may be used for the units in this qualification. This gives the opportunity for different learning styles and individual needs of learners to be taken into account.

  • ⦁ Direct observation of learner by a Tutor/Teacher/Assessor
  • ⦁ Professional discussion
  • ⦁ Expert Witness evidence
  • ⦁ Learner’s own work products
  • ⦁ Learner log or reflective diary
  • ⦁ Activity plan or planned activity
  • ⦁ Observation of children, young people or adults by the learner
  • ⦁ Portfolio of evidence - may include
  • ⦁ Recognition of prior learning
  • ⦁ Reflection on own practice in real work environment
  • ⦁ Written and pictorial information
  • ⦁ Scenario or case study
  • ⦁ Task set by PQS (for knowledge learning outcomes)
  • ⦁ Oral questions and answers (Supplementary Evidence)

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