Level 6 Diploma in Education and Training including Content and Language for Integrated Learning (CLIL)

LRN Level 6 Diploma in Education and Training including CLIL

The course prepares learners for employment in the teaching/training sector, including further education,
private training, nurse education, training in industry and public services (PCET).

This qualification is also open to those who wish to go and teach and have an understanding of CLIL and its uses within education.

The course is 90 credits (900 GLH)

Learners will study:

Mandatory Modules:

  • ⦁ Professional and Ethical Conduct (10 credits)
  • ⦁ Professional Knowledge (10 credits)
  • ⦁ Professional Practice (10 credits)
  • ⦁ Professional Growth (10 credits)

CLIL Modules:

  • ⦁ Approaching CLIL (15 credits)
  • ⦁ Implementing CLIL (20 credits)
  • ⦁ Consolidating CLIL (15 credits)


  • ⦁ Continuous Course Assessment
  • ⦁ Internal and External Assessment
  • ⦁ Portfolio of Evidence
  • ⦁ Presentation Evidence (observation/video/skype)*

  • * indicate observation evidence

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