Level 5 Certificate in Teaching English as a Second or Other Language (CTESOL)


  • ⦁ Principles and Knowledge of Teaching English as a Foreign Language (4 credits)
  • ⦁ Understanding English Grammar and Teaching English Grammar (4 credits)
  • ⦁ Teaching Productive Skills: Speaking, Writing and the Pronunciation of English (3 credits)
  • ⦁ Teaching Receptive Skills: Listening, Reading and the English Vocabulary (3 credits)
  • ⦁ Lesson Planning and Effectively using Resources in Teaching English a Foreign Language (4 credits)

Option A

  • ⦁ Teaching English as a Foreign Language to Young Learners (6 credits)

Option B

  • ⦁ Teaching English as a Foreign Language in Further and Higher Education (6 credits)


Candidates have to complete Modules 1-5 and assessment is by Assignment in each case (2000 words).
Candidates then choose Option A or Option B and complete a research report of no more than 5000 words.
A portfolio of evidence of planning and preparing for teaching plus video evidence of an observed teaching practice must be submitted for module 6.

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